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Kwang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. is the leading Taiwan manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Wooden Baseball Bat in market. We provide these products with different gradations in size and specifications customizable as per the clients' exact needs. We sincerely welcome your valuable enquiry for any kinds of custom made products. Our clients can avail from us these high quality products at affordable prices.
  • Rubber Baseball Bat - 7-1
    7-1 : Rubber Baseball Bat
    Rubber wood material 
    Bat size from 18 inches to 34inches.
    It’s cheap wooden baseball bat. 
    The good quality is satisfied with players since it has been approved from our QC department to make sure the perfect surface.
    The other advantage of rubber bat is it price is cheap and competitive. The lead time is for 60 days after the order confirm.

  • Maple Wooden Bat - 7-2
    7-2 : Maple Wooden Bat
    Maple wooden bat
    It a -3 Length to Weight Ratio maple wooden bat, maple bat is one of our popular production lines. 
    The design for bat shape could meet standards.
    Maple wood bat is harder and structure could provide its longer durability. 
    We select best quality maple billet and create an awesome design to enhance the durability
    Customer sizes and colors are all welcome. Please feel free to contact us for further discussion, thanks.

  • Ash Wood Bats - 7-3
    7-3 : Ash Wood Bats
    Ash wood bat is for 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.
    The Construction give its a light weight and Flexible handle.
    It is a Balanced Swing Weight design.
    We use good quality grip to Enhanced the handle Feeling.
    It unique Barrel Design could supply for Players the Maximize Swing Speed and Control
    We could develop wood bat by customer design including artwork/finished.

  • Bamboo Bat - 7-4
    7-4 : Bamboo Bat
    The Bamboo structure could offer it’s a great durability and swing.
    A balanced bat 
    barrel is longer design to expands the sweet spot
    The bat was made of bat. 
    Finished bat could be natural or painting.
    There are many types for bamboo bat, such as All bamboo bat, and bamboo / maple bat. 
    We also provide customized bat to make a hole ( concave) the end of the bat for reducing the weight. 


Wooden Baseball Bat

available in various specifications, are known for fine finishing, corrosion resistance and durability. These cost-effective products are in line with the defined industry standards.
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