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Established in Taiwan, Kwang Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer, supplier of Baseball Bats has a wide range of product lines. We have successfully marketed and exported our products abroad. We continue substantial investments in research and development to produce products at the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. It will be your wisdom selection to cooperate the business with us. We sincerely hope to be your best partner in business. Don't hesitate and contact us as soon as you can!
  • Japanese Baseball Bats - 2-1. AB6733JP
    2-1. AB6733JP : Japanese Baseball Bats
    BBCOR baseball bat (SG Japan)
    Adult baseball bat designed for SG Japan bat,
    2 5/8 (67mm) inch barrel diameter 
    Pass Japan SG and BBCOR standard 
    The product is coating as anodize finished.
    There are two kinds of material for grip, one is PVC and other one is PU. 
    The grip pattern has many types, such as emboss, painting, holes and stitch line for grip options.
    The grip is designed for incredible vibration reduction and extreme durability.
    The coating is for screen painting and water decal.
    It was combined with the KH Alloy thickness-tuned barrel, therefore, this bat designed as an extra-long barrel design and a balanced swing weight.
    An extended sweet spot through the entire barrel by transferring the energy from the handle back into the barrel. 
    It could provide faster swing speeds to powerful hits to generate more power. 

  • Baseball Bats BBCOR - 2-2. AB6733JP
    2-2. AB6733JP : Baseball Bats BBCOR
    BBCOR baseball bat (SG Japan)
    Ultra Scandium alloy used 
    Adult baseball bat for Japan high school baseball federation bat
    Japan SG equivalent
    2 5/8 inch barrel diameter 
    The handle is stiffer for ultimate energy transfer between barrel and ball.
    The extended barrel design gives it a larger sweet spot and more jump off of the bat for more distance.
    Creates more flex for an unparalleled trampoline effect to make contact with the ball.
    Anodize finished could provide highly durable and increase corrosion resistance 
    By using our special alloy, it could create maximum power for swing, and its special procedures and alloy could help with the bat for the durability.
    Please mail us for further details if you have any questions.

  • Best BBCOR Bats - 2-3. AB6733037000
    2-3. AB6733037000 : Best BBCOR Bats
    Adult baseball bat for BBCOR bat
    A baseball bat of 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter
    It is a One-Piece Alloy Design baseball bat
    Alloy material could have choice of ultra Scandium alloy 7046/7050/7150/7250 
    BBCOR is a Drop 3 length to weight ratio bat.
    Length/Weight size from 31”/28oz, 32”/29oz, 33”/30oz, 34’/31oz
    The great effect of the bat and optimize swing speed.
    The bat used High quality of PU grip which can absorb the max vibrations through the handle end. 
    The bat was combined with the KH alloy, and the thickness could be a stronger barrel
    Placed Taper Ring inside the barrel to open up the sweet spot and reduce the heaviness of the bat.
    The bat shows an extra-long barrel design and a balanced swing weight.
    It provides a thickness tuned wall that reaches down the entire length of the barrel. 
    The stronger design allows for more even weight distribution, which in turn produces faster bat speeds!
    The lead time is 60 working days, origin made in Taiwan

  • Best BBCOR Baseball Bats - 2-4. AB6733037000
    2-4. AB6733037000 : Best BBCOR Baseball Bats
    BBCOR baseball bat
    BBCOR is certified for adult Players.
    Its barrel diameter is 2 5/8 inch and one-piece alloy design.
    Length-to-weight ratio is drop 3 and size from 30 inches to 34 inches. 
    -Product features:

    The coating is for painting and decal. Our screen printing machine could apply to the taper area to expand the range.
    There is no energy wasted on each hitting. The whole entire barrel transfer strength from handle to barrel.
    There are two kind of material for grip, one is PVC and other one is PU. The grip patterns have many types, such as emboss, painting, hole and stich line on grip.

    Made in Taiwan. Please mail us for further details.

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